Single Golfers of The Villages
Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida


Directions & course information can be found on The Villages websites below:  

       18-Hole Championship courses:  
 Go to the “GOLFING WITH SGV” tab/page to view a “Description of the Competitive Games”.
 Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf   Coordinator or

 On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the   starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your teammates can tee off and not hold up play.

Host:  Judy Stafford
Chula Vista   352-753-4170
11:50 Jim Thomas
  Bob Benzel
  Patricia Otworth
  Bob Schofield
11:59 Tisha Vogell
  Harriet Snyder
  Fred Waldron
  Tony Zotta
12:08 Dave Colbert
  Andrea Thorne
  Delores Lesseig
  Jack  Parker
El Diablo   352-750-6670
11:50 Judy Stafford
  Don Frei
  John Daly
  Arlene Ruberti
11:59 Charles Heckel
  Jay Vanmiddlesworth
  Linda Hunter
  Lana Stevens
12:08 Rich Ahlin
  Dean Harvey
  Myra Brauth
  Barb Hansen
Heron   352-205-7427
11:50 Kayla Rarey
  Rod Nicholson
  Bonnie  Lesando
  Bev Johnson
11:59 Ken McGray
  Lou Ann Divens
  Judith Wilsher
  Rich Kolb
12:08 Bob Williams 
  Bob Gsell
  Abram Scherbekow
  Pamela French
Hill Top  753-8276
11:32 George Manson
  Brenda McAfee
  James Rosenmeier
  Barbara Wadley
11:41 Debbie Ekback
  Pat Duffey
  Howard Mc Laughlin
  Monty Santoriello
11:50 Rich Handwerker
  Kaye Alden
  Larry Bradshaw
  Dale Mills
11:59 Robert Miller
  Bob Beaudoin
  Charles Coombe
  Mary Maloney
12:08 Robert Cichetti
  Joe Oppelt
  Sandra Bonomi
  Jim Crawford
Mira Mesa  352-753-0436
11:41 Elsa Beale
  Lois Schwartz
  Rich Guenther
Brina Rutland
11:50 Kathy Browe
  Malcolm  Miles
  Wes Hines
  Becky Wagner
11:59 Ken Ekkert
  Charlene Barton
  Richard Ferrera
  Kathy McManus
12:08 John Bartelink
  Jerry Schreck
  Doris Ehlers
  Joy Rosati
Oakleigh   352-750-0423
11:50 Dennis Carney
  Maggie Vann
  Alexis London
  Dan Striney
11:59 Tom Boylan
  David Blumberg
  Marion Mastriano
  Marjorie Heyman
12:08 Phil Ellis
  Judy Brushingham
  Edie Weeks
  Margaretta Coller
Saddlebrook   352-753-8201
11:50 Judy Grande
  Jim Boylan
  Joanne Staats
  Elizabeth Gualfetti
11:59 Bernie Petrick
  Rich Intile
  Betty Hollmann
  Mary Ellen Jones
12:08 John Underwood
  George Winter
  Noreen Whalen
  Joe Beja

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