Single Golfers of The Villages  
    Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida    

Directions & course information can be found on The Villages websites:     
    Executive courses: . 
   18-Hole championship courses: .
Go to the “GOLF EVENTS” tab/page to view a “Description of the Competitive Games”.
Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or

On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play.
SGV Nine and Dine at Eagle Ridge on October 22
Host: Bob Miotke

Course 1
12:59 Rich Fruin
Joyce LaGore
Lucy Kelly
Rich Lorton
1:06 Jack Abbott
Sandy Cain
Anne Bloete
Gene Sexton
1:13 Michael Ashbrook
Joan DiCioccio
Dennis Carney
Phyllis Kapplan
1:20 Bill Gregory
Judith Wilsher
Jerry Walker
Marjorie Heyman
1:27 James F. Hamilton
Joyce Mason
Paul Rode
Kaye Alden
1:34 Roger Johnson
Dennis Gaucher
Charlene Barton
Judy Stafford
1:06 Donald Frei
Rick Guenther
Joyce Woodson
Karen Pritts
1:13 Tom Doll
Yvonne Auxier
Robert Cassidy
Janet Maloney
1:20 Tom Davies
Carol Donovan
Jim Giudici
Michael Sandler
1:27 Sam Guillano
Ellen Karasik
Lydia Merriweather
Cathy Urban
1:34 Lee Hall
Maragret Vann
Tisha Vogel
Walter Brach
SGV Scramble at Summer Glen on 10/25
Richard Ahlin 12 hcp = 9
Jill Sage 22
Marian Carr 25
Jack Parker 14 hcp= 12
John Kuyper 21
Nancy Chadwick 40
Michael Daugherty 15 hcp= 10
George Callaghan 20
Carol Diamond 25
Sam Giuliano 38pd
James F Hamilton 15 hcp = 10
Larry Grand 20pd
Gary Sweany 26
Barb Burgio 36
Rick Lorton 16pd hcp = 10
Rick Guenther 19
Rich Fruin 26
Kathy Browe 35
Lawrence Meyers 16 hcp = 9
Walter Brach 18
Beth Disque 26
Lucy Kelly 30pd
John Bartelink 17 hcp = 9
Tisha Vogell 18
Kathy Maloney 30
Paul Cowlin 30
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