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Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or

On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play.
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Exec. Golf - Tues. Dec. 23
Game:  Scramble
Host:  Michael Daugherty
Social: Sonnys BBQ (LSL)
Sandhill   352-259-2128
11:59 Michael Daugherty
  Jack Abbott
  Charlene Barton
  Barbara Hansen
12:08 Richard J Ahlin
  Dennis Carney
  Diana E Carter
  Miriam Elliott
12:17 Michael Ashbrook
  Robert Beaudoin
  Frances T Cronican
  Jeannette G Wolfrom
Bonita Pass  352-750-8029
11:59 George Winter
  Anne Marie Marino
  William Menefee
  Maralyn Gable
12:08 Dennis Gaucher
  Lydia Merriweather
  Joe Oppelt
  Carole Apa
12:17 Patricia L Loner
  Ralph Prescott
  William Cron
  Peggy Kalosky
Redfish Run 352-750-6730
11:59 James Thomas
  James Grider
  Carol Mayer
  Judy Stafford
12:08 Richard Guenther
  John Kuyper
  Jo Hardesty
  Robert Fishman
12:17 Leo McGrath
  John Mitchell
  Phyllis B Kaplan
  Walter H Brach
Pelican  352-205-7427
11:59 Yvonne Auxier
  Larry Carter
  Carrie Crowell
  Nancy Von Nostitz
12:08 Michael Connifey
  Tony Carvalho
  Linda B Eicher
  Brenda Kirschner
12:17 Joseph Godin
  James Conroy
  Marjorie Heyman
  Michele Simon
Briarwood  352-259-2967
11:59 Richard Ludwig
  Edward Favreau
  Helen Curkendall
  Elizabeth C Helsel
12:08 John Parker
  Paulette Richard
  Betty Shriver
  Lorraine Chiaventone
12:17 Virginia M Bateman
  Sandra Cain
  George Callaghan Jr
  Paul Cowlin
Chula Vista   352-753-4170
11:59 Michael Henry
  Charles Coombe
  Alexis London
  Judy Musgrave
12:08 Valeria H Hirsch
  Rodney Nicholson
  Edward Henkle
  Kathryn Moraski
12:17 Philip Jacoby
  Dorothy Rossi
  Tom Rowinski
  Lucy I Tillman
Hill Top   352-753-8276
11:59 Carl N Lefler
  Pierre Gauthier
  Mary K Maloney
  Betty Hollmann
12:08 James Vanmiddlesworth
  Joyce Mason
  Carolyn Reichel
  J Drew Harrington
12:17 Robert M Williams Jr
  Jean H Pridemore
  Eileen Shaffery
  Glenn C Daily
Oakleigh   352-750-0423
11:59 Barbara Jones
  John Sullivan
  Robert White
12:08 Cheryl Veltman
  Lawrence Meyers, Jr
  Ronald Pickering
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