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Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or

On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play.
Executive Golf - Aug. 24
Host: Nancy Hartshorn Social: Havana CC
12:08 PM Laurie Berger
Nat Gencarelli
Don Conroy
Carolyn Reichel
12:17 PM Rich Ziencina
Betty Hollmann
Alexis London
Gillian Beck
12:26 PM Yvonne Auxier
Jack Abbott
Judith Wilsher
Joan Di Cioccio
12:35 PM Richard Ahlin
Melanie Schneider
John Sullivan
Chris Sargent
12:44 PM Barbara Beyer
Bob Beaudoin
Richy Kammarada
Lee  Hayes
12:53 PM Sandy Cain
Bob Fishman
Ron Fleenor
Nancy Detweiler
1:02 PM George Winter
Kathryn Miller
Charlotte Womble
Jim Terifaj
1:11 PM John Godin
Helen Curkendall
Ellen Welsh
Edith Schafer
1:20 PM Judy Stafford
Tom Rowinski
Tom  Duggan
Pat Kress
1:29 PM Tom Davies
Dave Colbert
Eileen Cummins
Lydia Merriweather
1:38 PM Steven Carillo
John Kastura
Cris Stelling
Roxie Kozlowski
12:08 PM Jack Mitchell
Nancy Hartshorn
Grace Kathy McDonald
John Kane
12:17 PM Barb Sobel
Gerald Johnston
Juli Drosendahl
Darrel Wentzel
12:26 PM Ginger Bateman
Joe Oppelt
Paulette Richard
12:35 PM John Bartelink
Joan Duffy
Gary Sweany
Molly Sielatycki
12:44 PM Don Burian
Jackie Tallman
Monty Santoriello
Barbara Lusito
12:53 PM Rich Ludwig
Brenda Kirschner
Ken McIlvaine
Jean Pridemore
1:02 PM Billie Zans
Carole Apa
Bart Henkle
Anne Marino
1:11 PM James F Hamilton
Ellen Karasik
Andrea Thorne
Eileen Milligan
1:20 PM David Sawyer
Nancy von Nostitz
Val Hirsch
Joyce Mason
1:29 PM Rick Maltby
Tony Carvalho Jr.
Dottie Rossi
Cheryl Veltman
Nine and Dine - Aug. 20
Course: Cane Garden - 5PM
Host: Bob Miotke
Hole 1A John Bartelink
Lilly DiMeo
Susanne Howells
Mary Ivcic
Hole 1B Bob Beaudoin
Carole Casner
Karen Davis
Beverly Johnson
Hole 2 James Bell
Grace McDonald
Elizabeth Taylor
MaryLou Tomkeiwicz
Hole 3 Scott Braman
Judy Brushinghan
Linda Parish
George Spitz
Hole 4A Donald Burian
Dave Lewis
Molly Sielatycki
Barb Beyer
Hole 4b Steve Carillo
Eileen Milligan
Debbie Ekback
Betty Hollmann
Hole 5 Dennis Carney
Yvonne Auxier
Jim Terifaj
Sandra Bonomi
Hole 6A Gary Carson
Charlene Barton
Richy Kammarada
Mary Bodenheimer
Hole 6B Paul Cowlin
Don Taulelle

Holly Weller
Hole 7 Bill Cron
Carol Johnson
Lydia Merrweather
Alexis London
Hole 8 Carroll Fisher
Darrel Wentzel
Cathy Urban
Maris Lynn
Hole 9 Dennis Gaucher
Richard Intile
Pat Kress

Bill Barclift
Hole 1A Nat Gencarelli
Richard Ziencina
Joyce LaGore
Sandy Cain
Hole 1B Jim Giudici
Robbie White
Judy Stafford
Kathy Browe
Hole 2 John Godin
Richard Gustafson
Jean Pridemore
Caro Ramey
Hole 3 Bill Gregory 
Cris Stelling
Ronald Pickering
Eileen Riordan
Hole 4A Rick Guenther
Gerald Johnston
Sandra Petty
Edie Schafer
Hole 4B Lee Hall
Tom Rowinski
Val Hirsch
Peg Blackadar
Hole 5 Jack Abbott
Hank Lemanski
Elsie Esseck
Elizabeth Gualfetti
Hole 6 Richard Ahlin
Nancy Detweiler
J. Vanmiddlesworth
Sandy Dempsey
Hole 7 John Hall
Barbara Bonney
Laurie Berger
Gary Sweany
Hole 8 Bart Henkle
Micharel Henry
Dorothy Rossi
Lee Hayes
Hole 9A Drew Harrington
Pat Songer
Anne Dobkin
Jerry Walker
Hole 9B Virginia Bateman
Patricia Haas
Fran Gaubatz
Billie Zans

Recent Results

Executive Golf - Aug.5
GAME: Bingo

1st    37
Phyllis Kaplan
Anne Dobkin
Jim L. Hamilton
Barb Joseph
2nd     32
Don Burian
Phil Jacoby
3rd     48
Marie Curtright
Jenny Wolfrom 
4th    47
Caro Ramey
 5th     41
Drew Harrington
Jean Pridemore

Executive Golf Results For Sunday 7/27
1st Place Women - Walnut Grove
Christine Frabotta - 27
2nd Place
Billie Zans - 29
1st Place (tie)
Eileen Milligan - 27
Patti Loner - 27
Barb Soebel - 27
1st Place Men's - Walnut Grove
Tony Carvalho Jr. - 29
2nd Place
Richard Ziencina -  30
1st Place
Don Burian - 25
2nd Place Tie
Steve Carillo - 29
George Winter - 29
Thanks to all of those who had patience and waited out the weather. It ended up being a great day to golf in The Villages. Hope everyone enjoyed the social at the Lopez poo Bar. Tony
Final scores for the CC of Mt. Dora outing 7/26.
1st Place Team Score 172
Richard Ahlin
Deborah Fowler
Jim Grider
2nd Place  181
John Godin
John Kuyper
Nancy Detweiler 
3rd Place  182
Rich Intile
Grace McDonald
Kathy McManus
4th Place  184
Rick Maltby
Tony Carvalho
Nancy von Nostitz
Thanks to everyone that made the early morning journey. This was a very challenging, fun course and in great shape. Tony
Hacienda Hills championship golf July 20.
Women's Results                                
1st Place - Val Hirsch 81
2nd Place - Margret Vann 82
3rd Place - Judy Stafford 88
Men's Results
1st Place - Don Burian 69
2nd Place- Michael Ashbrook 76
3rd Place - Richard Ahlin 77
Thanks to all who attended and enjoyed this exciting golf course.
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