Single Golfers of The Villages  
    Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida    

Directions & course information can be found on The Villages websites:     
    Executive courses: .   
   18-Hole championship courses: .

The Golf Coordinator will collect a prize contribution of $2 per participant for the competitive game.   Prizes determined after all golfers complete play and distributed at the social location.  Print clearly players' first and last names and total scores appropriate for game played.  Teams may be disqualified at discretion of Golf Coordinator for incomplete/improperly completed scorecards.  Go to the “GOLF EVENTS” tab/page to view a “Description of the Competitive Games”.   

Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or
, except on the "day of play".  On that day, if unable to play (NO SHOW), notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play waiting for someone who is unable to play.   
SGV Exec Golf – Tuesday April 15
Game:  Bingo
Social: Gator's Dockside (SS)
Host:  Don Burian 630-803-6510 or
The April 15th golf game was rained out. But for those that went to their assigned courses and attempted to play and then came to Gators for the social once they were rained out had a wonderful time.

Remember to read the new rules for next week's game of fewest putts.  Scoring is very different in the revised rules this game.

Don Burian
SGV Exec Golf – Sunday April 13
Game:   Step Aside Scramble
Social:  City Fire (LSL)
Host:  Nancy Hartshorn
First Place (2 under par)
Kathryn Boyd
Stephen Carillo
Ray Della Pesca
Eileen Shaffery
Edward Sandel
Virginia Batemen
Bennie Exum
Second Place (1 under par)
Linda Eicher
Robert Williams
Robert Fishman
John Daly
Yvonne Auxier
Mary Miller
Peggy Kalosky
Third Place (even par)
Richard Ahlin
Robert Culbertson
Pamela Diorso
Nancy Detweiler
Carrie Crowell
Alexis London
Robert Cassidy
Christine Stelling
Don Burian
Joanne Bloomingdale
Anthony Zotta
Helen Curkendall
John Sullivan
Billie Zans
Andrea Thorne
Barbara Beyer
Joe Oppelt
Kay Hewitt
Beverly Kennedy
Patricia Barr
Paul Morbit
Betty Hollmann
Ken McIlvaine
Yvonne Cahill
Ralph Prescott
Judith Wisher
Richard Ludwig

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