Single Golfers of The Villages  
    Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida    

Directions & course information can be found on The Villages websites:     
    Executive courses: . 
   18-Hole championship courses: .
Go to the “GOLF EVENTS” tab/page to view a “Description of the Competitive Games”.
Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or

On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play.
SGV Scramble at Summer Glen on 10/25
Richard Ahlin 12 hcp = 9
Jill Sage 22
Marian Carr 25
Jack Parker 14 hcp= 12
John Kuyper 21
Nancy Chadwick 40
Michael Daugherty 15 hcp= 10
George Callaghan 20
Carol Diamond 25
Sam Giuliano 38pd
James F Hamilton 15 hcp = 10
Larry Grand 20pd
Gary Sweany 26
Barb Burgio 36
Rick Lorton 16pd hcp = 10
Rick Guenther 19
Rich Fruin 26
Kathy Browe 35
Lawrence Meyers 16 hcp = 9
Walter Brach 18
Beth Disque 26
Lucy Kelly 30pd
John Bartelink 17 hcp = 9
Tisha Vogell 18
Kathy Maloney 30
Paul Cowlin 30
Exec Golf - SUNDAY 10/26 - Scramble
Host: Sandy Cain
Social - City Fire (LSL)

De La Vista  753-0977
11:59 Sandra Cain
  Patricia L Loner
  Dennis Carney
  Edward Favreau
12:08 Jack Abbott
  Alexis London
  Nancy Von Nostitz
  Richard Ludwig
El Diablo  750-6670
11:59 Virginia M Bateman
  Walter H Brach
  Yvonne Auxier
  Edward R Sandel
12:08 Thomas Davies
  Phyllis B Kaplan
   Darrel Wentzel
   Carole Apa
Yankee Clipper  259-3018
11:59 James F Hamilton
   Billie Zans
  Elizabeth C Helsel
   Lucy I Tillman
12:08  James L Hamilton
   Jo Hardesty
  Frances T Cronican
  Dolores M Wilson
Southern Star  259-3018
11:59 Donald Burian
  Diana E Carter
  Christine Stelling
  Joan Duffy
12:08  Richard J Ahlin
  Molly Sielatycki
   Larry Carter
  Andrea J Thorne
Tarpon Boil  750-6730
11:59 James Boylan
  James Boylan Guest
   Delphine S Walter
Pimlico  750-2019
11:59 Deborah Ekback
  George Callaghan Jr
  Robert Cassidy
  Jean H Pridemore
12:08 Donald H Frei
   Robert Fishman
  Eileen Cummins
  Gertrude La Bonte
Churchill Greens  750-2019
11:59 Thomas Duggan
  Sandra M Petty
  Judy Stafford
   Eileen Shaffery
12:08 John Kuyper
  Cheryl Veltman
  Judith A Wilsher
Belmont  750-2019
11:59 John Daly
  Janet M Lavin
   John Mitchell
  Patricia Dunn
12:08 Paul C Morbit
  Mary K Maloney
   Lydia Merriweather
   Paul C Rode
Pelican  205-7427
11:59 John Underwood
  Margaret Vann
  James Conroy
  Edith Schafer
12:08  George Winter
  Carol Mayer
  Robert Beaudoin
  Joyce Mason
Sweetgum  751-2335
11:59 Joan Dicioccio
  Roger Fitzsimmons
  Catherine Puzey
  Marlene Morrissey
12:08 Robert Schofield
  Laura Marcille
  Charles Coombe
  Patricia Kress
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