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Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make changes.  For tee time changes, contact the event Golf Coordinator or

On the "day of play" also notify the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter know you are cancelling.
  That way, your team mates can tee off and not hold up play.

SGV Nine and Dine 5/24/17
Mallory Hill CC
Check in at 5PM for 5:30PM Shotgun
Host: Tisha Vogell


1         Tisha Vogell

           Paul Cagle

           Tom Boylan

           Patricia Duffey


2         Dreeanna Patrick

           Brent Mitchell

           Michael Sandler

           Barbara Bickham


2b       Jay VanMiddlesworth

           Janice Kling

           Anne Dobkin

           Val Hirsch


3         Joe Oppelt

           Linda Fangman

           Lena (Lee) Hayes

           Paulette Richard


4         Steve Wentworth

           Debbie Ekback

           Wes Hines

           Judy Stafford


5         Kaye Alden

           Marco Buzzelli

           Beverly Johnson

           James Bell


6         Judith Wilsher

           Sandy Larson

           Vicki McDermott

           Anne Dobkin


7         Rod Nicholson

           Michael Connifey

           Patty Barr

           Christine Sargent


8         Cathy Spino

           Dennis Gaucher

           Chip Hunter


8b       Jerry Walker

           Rick Gunther

           Kim Foreman

           Kathy Browe


9         Nancy Hartshorn

           Eileen Cummins

           Michael Piepenburg

           Michael(guest) Heatwole

SGV 18-Hole Championship Golf
Mallory Hill CC
Host: Debbie Ekback

Virginia Course


Ken Moreau

Larry Grand

Debbie Ekback

Jackie Lewis



Donald Burian

Jack Mitchell

Linda Cote

Sandy Larson



Mike Connifey

Daniel Joyce

Vicki McDermott

Mary Hilke



Joe Evans

John Bartelink

Brenda McAfee

Liz Taylor



Paul Rode

Gene Burgess

Judith Wilsher

Charlene Barton



David Sawyer

Donna Bulthuis (guest D. Sawyer)

Charlotte O'Connor

Bill Cox



Dante Fiocca

Heath Reeves

Brent Mitchell

Jane  Lippincott



Jack Parker

Lynn Henry

Richard Skinner

Maralyn Gable


James F. Hamilton

Bob Williams

Jerry Walker

Abram Scherbekow



Kayla Rarey

Nat Gencarelli

George Cavagnaro

Katy Marsha Kyle



Christine Miller

Gary Carson

Michael Elliott

Michael Sandler

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