Single Golfers of The Villages
Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida


Directions & course information can be found on The Villages websites below:  

 Executive courses:                                       
       18-Hole Championship courses:  
 Prior to play, go to the “GOLFING WITH SGV” tab to view "Section C.  Competitive Games” so you are aware of   the rules for the game being played.    

 Do not go into The Villages Tee Time system to make any changes.  To cancel a tee time after sign-up has   closed, or to see if there is an opening for you to play, contact the Golf Coordinator for that event.  Refer to the   weekly signup email sent out for the event you want to change to obtain the event coordinator's email address.   If event is closed, coordinator's email information will be on the spreadsheet heading for that date stating:   "Signup Closed - contact (coordinator's email)".  

 Cancelling on the "day of play": call the GOLF COURSE at which you are scheduled to play and let the starter   know you are cancelling.
  That way, your teammates can tee off and not hold up play waiting for you.

Please be aware of our "No Show" policy for cancelling after tee times are issued (See "Golfing with SGV" tab)

Thank you and enjoy your golf game!

Game: Team Shamble
Social: Cody's LSL (Screened Porch)
Host: Doris Ehlers

De La Vista   352-753-0977
11:59 Bob Williams 
Noreen Whalen
Phil Brocco
Paulette Richard
12:08 Charlie Heckel
Lois Schwartz
Monty Santoriello
Pam French
12:17 Don Frei
Abe Scherbekow
Mike Glick
Lana Stevens
Hawkes Bay   352-753-8043
11:59 Ken Ekkert
Barb Jones
Howard Mc Laughlin
Delores Lesseig
12:08 Larry Grand
Bob Owens
Alexis London
Sandy Bonomi
12:17 Paul Morbit
Barb Hansen
Pat Tillman
Dennis Gaucher
Mira Mesa  352-753-0436
11:59 BerniePetrick
Sandy Larson
Tony Carvalho
Joe Beja
12:08 Judy Grande
Pat Duffey
Tom DeYoung
Dave Roche
12:17 Kayla Rarey
Wes Hines
Randy Fairchild
Sharon Seneff
Pimlico  352-750-2019
11:59 Phil Ellis
Barb Burgio
Karen Campbell
Dave Blumberg
12:08 Rich Ahlin
Bob Cichetti
Kaye Alden
Dan Striney
12:17 Rich Shostak
Richard Handwerker
Judy Brushingham
Charlie Johnson
Saddlebrook   352-753-8201
11:59 Dave Colbert
Harv Harvey
Bennie Exum
Betty Hollmann
12:08 Joe Oppelt
Jim Boylan
Jerry Schreck
Charlene Barton
Sandhill   352-259-2128
11:59 Tom Doll
Paul Cagle
Jean Pridemore
Bob Schofield
12:08 Barry Marbury
Bill Kincannon
Eileen Cummins
Bob Benzel
12:17 Bob Gsell
Bob Miller 
Dianne Hermann
Edie Weeks
Tarpon Boil   352-750-6730
11:59 Doris Ehlers
Jay Vanmiddlesworth
Tom Boylan
Mary Wimberly
12:08 Rick Dawson
Tish Vogell
Liz Helsel
Rich Kolb
12:17 Mark Heselden
Anne Dobkin
Ann Edwards
Mike Flynn
Yankee Clipper   352-259-3018
11:59 Jack Parker
Kathy Browe
John Daly
Les Reed
12:08 Jim F Hamilton
Judy Stafford
Larry Bradshaw
Jenny Wolfrom
12:17 Joe Herold
Debbie Ekback
Jim Crawford
Chris Stelling
Nine and Dine - Wed 12-18-19
Arnold Palmer Country Club
Host: Tisha Vogell

Riley Grove
1:31 Becky Wagner
Tisha Vogell
Jay Vanmiddlesworth
Paul Cagle
1:40 Michael Connifey
Rich Shostak
Tom Boylan
Patricia Duffey
1:49 Peter Daub
Sandy Cain
Kayla Rarey
Bob Gsell
Laurel Valley
1:31 Noreen Whalen
Wes Hines
Barry Marbury
Judy Stafford
1:40 Dan O Connell
Marie Panza
Betty Hollmann
Rod Nicholson
1:49 Ann Edwards
Sharon Hill
Myra Brauth
Tom Davies
Cherry Hill  
1:31 Judy Grande
Maggie Vann
Don Frei
Tom Doll
1:40 Heath Reeves
Terry Roby
Judith Wilsher
Charlene Barton
1:49 Sharon Osgaard
Rick Dawson
Linda Lane
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