Single Golfers of The Villages  
    Golf in and outside The Villages in Central Florida    

Game:  Scramble
Host:  Eileen Cummins
1st Place @ -4
Mira Mesa
John Parker
Cheryl Veltman
James Boylan
Eileen Cummins
2nd Place @ -3 (2-way tie)
Henry Lemanski
Kenneth Ekkert
Christine Stelling
Brenda Kirschner
Tarpon Boil
Laura Marcille
Linda Fangman
Robert Owens
Robert Beaudoin
3rd Place @ -2 ( 2-way tie)
Tarpon Boil
John Underwood
Betty Hollmann
Kathy Maloney
Joseph Beja
Southern Star 
Judith Wilsher
Liz Helsel
Dale Kennedy


SGV Executive Golf
Sunday May 13, 2018
Host: Ken Ekkert
Game: Scramble
First Place @ -4    ( 2 Way Tie )
Judith Wilsher
Richard Kolb
Lucy Tillman
Patricia Duffey
Peter Daub
Wes Hines
Karen Campbell
Judith Griffin
Second Place @ -3  (2 Way Tie)
Jim Boylan
Carolyn Cooke
Jackie Lewis
Sandy Cain
Rich Ahlin
Kathy Maloney
Mary Wimberly
Ken Ekkert


SGV 18-Hole Championship Golf
Cane Garden
Saturday, May 12, 2018
1st Place Paul Rode
Bernadette Petrick
Richard Intile
Maureen Kenney
2nd Place Leo Mcgrath
Jan Lavin
Gary Carson
Sue Chokel
3rd Place Eddie Dalton
Judy Grande
Dolford Payne
Linda Lane
4th Place Michael Daugherty
Elsa Beale
John Underwood
Sandi Uram
Closest to the Pin Winners:
Judy Grande and Dan Striney

SGV Executive Golf
Date:  Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Host:  Michael Daugherty
Game:  Scramble
Social:  Sonny's BBQ (LSL)

1st Place @ -3 (2-Way Tie)

Bernadette Petrick
Nilda Dumont
Ken Ekkert
Al Lala

Sharon Stern
Bennie Exum
Linda Fangman
Michael Flynn

2nd Place @ -2 (5-Way Tie) 

Robert Schofield
John Underwood
Eileen Cummins
Gail Swanson

Rich Ahlin
Roberta Bonfiglio
Charles Johnson

Yvonne Auxier
Harold Schwartz
Karen Campbell
Tom Boylan

Charles Heckel
Mary Wimberly
Sandra Bonomi
Wes Hines

Leo  McGrath
Andrea Thorne
Judy Bayes
Bill Kincannon


4-27-18 SGV 18-Hole Golf
Plantation GC
2 Best Balls
1st place at 155(15 Over)
Bob Williams
Rich Intile
Neil Parkhurst
Maggie Vann
2nd place at 156(16 over)
Michael Daugherty
John Bartelink
Gary Carson
Liz Taylor
3rd place at 162(22 over)
Don Frei
Jim Hamilton
Dianna Beavers
Patricia Van Horn
CTP Ladies was Judith Wilsher
CTP men was Dante Fioca


Game:  1-2-3
Host:  Tony Carvalho
1st Place:  +3
John Underwood
Judy Stafford
Les Reed
Ray Hilfiker
2nd Place:  +6
Jay Vanmiddlesworth
Cheryl Veltmann
Bill Kincannon
3rd Place:   Tie +7
Tom Doll
Kayla Rarey
Bob Benzel
Marie Panza
Rich Arlin
Bart Henkel
Mary Ellen Jones


SGV Executive Golf
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Host:  Michael Daugherty
Game:  Scramble
Social:  Sonny's @ LSL

1st Place @ -4
Ed Chenault
Jeri Spriggs
Rick Handwerker
Sharon Stern

2nd Place @ -3
Phyllis Kaplan
John Audet
Judith Wilsher
Kathy Maloney

3rd Place @ -2 (4-Way Tie)
Michael Daugherty
Jean Hofmann
Howard Mc Laughlin
Judith Grande

John Underwood
Roberta Bonfiglio
Edward Sandel
Sandra Bonomi

Yvonne Auxier
Maggie Vann
Tom Doll

Brenda Kirschner
Dennis Carney
James Santoriello
Lucy Tillman


April 14 2018
1st Place
Derek West
Dan Joyce
Debbie Ekback
Sharon Russell
2nd Place - tie
Bob Williams
Jack Mitchell
Diana Beavers
Sandy Larson
David Sawyer
George Callaghan
Jerry Walker
Liz Taylor
3rd Place
Dante Fiocca
Rich Shostak
Bill Cox
Christine Frabotta  


SGV Exec. Golf - 4/17/18
     Barb Hansen
1st Place at  -1
Ray Hilfiker at Chula Vista
2nd Place at  +1
Tom Doll at Pelican
Rich Ahlin at Saddlebrook
John Bartelink at Saddlebrook
3rd Place at +2
Bob Schofield at Chula Vista
Howard McLaughlin at Saddlebrook
Charles Heckel at Mira Mesa
1st Place at +2
Judith Wilsher at Saddlebrook
2nd Place at +3
Maggie Vann at Chula Vista
Carol Mayer at Pimlico
Tisha Vogell at Saddlebrook
3rd Place at +4
Judy Stafford at Chula Vista
Sandy Cain at Mira Mesa


SGV Exec. Golf - 4/8/18
Game: Scramble
Host: Eileen Cummins

1st Place -5

Churchhill Greens

John Underwood

Philip Brocco

Andrea Thorne


De La Vista

Richard J Ahlin

Judy Stafford

Mary Ellen Johns

Tom Doll


2nd Place -2

Hawkes Bay

Bill Cox

Ed Chenault

Dolores Wilson

Sharon Russell


Hawkes Bay

Richard Maltby

Barbara Sobel

Judith Griffin

Ed Favreau


Churchill Greens

John Bartelink

Wes Hines

Kaye Alden

Karen Campbell


Tuesday 4-3-18 Exec. Golf
Inverse Poker
Host: Judy Stafford


1st Place with 4-3’s and 1 birdie

Barb Jones (El Diablo)

Judith Wilsher (Pelican)

2nd Place with 4-4’s and 1 birdie

Val Hirsch (Briarwood)

Edie Weeks (Oakleigh)

3rd Place with 5-4’s

Sandy Bonomi (Mira Mesa)

Debbie Eckback (Belmont)

Sandy Larson (Oakleigh)

Lois Schwartz (El Diablo)

Judy Stafford (El Diablo)


1st Place with 4-3’s and 1 birdie

Rich Ahlin (Oakleigh)

John Underwood (El Diablo)

2nd Place with 5-3’s

Peter Gauthier (Belmont)

Jim F Hamilton Amberwood)

Ken McGray (El Diablo)

Joe Oppelt (Belmont)


SGV Exec, Golf - 3/27/17

Host: Tony Carvalho

Game: 2 Best Scores.

1st Place +1

John Bartelink

Bob Culbertson

Becky Wagner

Ellen Blackadar

2nd Place +2

Richard Aylin

Al Layla

Sandra Larson

Gail Swanson

3rd Place +4

Tony Carvalho

Tish Vogell

Sandy Cain

Maggie Vann


SGV Exec. Golf - 3/25/18

Game:  Scramble

Host: Michael Daugherty

Congratulations to Barbara Sobel who had a

hole-in-one (Mangrove.#6)

1st Place @ -5

John Audet

Barbara Sobel

Helen Curkendall

2nd Place @ -3 (3-way tie)

Bob Williams

Dolores Wilson

Marsha Kyle

Ken Ekkert

James Thomas

Jean Pridemore

John Underwood

Peggy Kalosky

Bob Schofield

Pat Duffey

Closest to the Pin:
Sharon Tardiff and Joe Evans


On this page, we will be announcing Club members who have demonstrated special golfing skills and accomplishments.  

APRIL 2018
  • Brent Mitchell got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Orange Blossom CC Citrus Grove #8

MARCH 2018
  • Barb Sobel got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Mangrove, Hole #6
  • Sandy Cain got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Oakleigh, Hole #9

  • Sandy Cain got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Okeechobee, Hole #4.

  • Rich Ahlin got an EAGLE at Pimlico, Hole #5.
  • Paul Morbit got his 4th HOLE-IN-ONE at Pimlico hole #8, 9 iron, 101 yards.
  • Wes Hines got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Hawkes Bay, Hole #2, 98 yards.
  • Lois Schwartz got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Bonifay during Nine and Dine, Destin Hole #8.
  • Lou Ann Divens got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Belmont, Hole #5.
  • Katy Kyle got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Truman #3, from 107 yds.
JULY 2017
  • Carl Lefler got a HOLE-IN-ONE at Briarwood #8.  5 hybrid from 137 yds.
  • Judith Wilsher got her (second) HOLE-IN-ONE at Yankee Clipper #7.  4 iron from 105 yds.
JUNE 2017

  • John Bartlelink made this THIRD HOLE-IN-ONE with SGV June 11, Saddlebrook #1, Sand Wedge from 75 yards.
  • Abram Scherbekow had a Hole in One on Pimlico #1. Quite a feat, as it was a temporary green.
APRIL 2017
  • Leo McGrath made a HOLE-IN-ONE April 9, Churchill Green #2
MARCH 2017
  • Gail Swanson made a HOLE-IN-ONE March 14, Redfish Run, Hole #8.
  • Paul Morbit made a HOLE-IN-ONE March 21, Oakleigh Hole #7

  • Jennie Wolfrom made a HOLE-IN-ONE Feb 6, Sweetgum, Hole #8
MAY 2016
  • Jack Parker made a HOLE-IN-ONE May10, Bonita Pass, Hole #6, 

  • Rich Ziencina made a HOLE-IN-ONE, January 26, Redfish Run, Hole *4.


  • Linda Eicher made a HOLE-IN-ONE, October 25, Hawkes Bay, Hole #3.


  • Ron Pickering made a HOLE-IN-ONE,September 8, Saddlebrook, Hole 2.


  • Roger Fitzsimmons made a HOLE-IN-ONE, November 11, Belmont, Hole 3.


  • John Bartelink has his SECOND HOLE-IN-ONE for 2014, October 21, Pimlico, hole number 8, gap wedge
  • Dennis Gaucher made a HOLE-IN-ONE, October 17, Bonita Pass, Hole 5. 
  • Sandy Cain made a HOLE-IN-ONE, October 9, Saddlebrook, Hole 3.

MAY 2014

      * John Bartelink made a HOLE-IN-ONE, May 6, Oakleigh, Hole 9. 


      * James F. Hamilton made a HOLE-IN-ONE, January 28, Redfish, Hole 1. 


     * Mary Ivcic made a HOLE-IN-ONE, November 12, El Santiago, Hole 9.  
Her first time playing with the SGV Club.


    * George Winter made a HOLE-IN-ONE, September 22, Roosevelt, Hole 1.
 Ralph Prescott scored his 1st Birdie as a member of the SGV Club, September 22, Roosevelt, Hole 1.

    * Gene'o Langlois made his 9th hole-in-one at Churchill, Hole 9, while playing a scramble with the Village Singles Club.


   * Caro Ramey had a hole in one, August 30, El Santiago, Hole 3, 79 yards, 7 Hybrid.   

   * Eileen Shaffery at the young age of 90 shot a 30 on the Pimlico executive golf course.  

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