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November 20, 2017


The regular meeting of the SGV Steering Committee was called to order by Permit Holder Michael Daugherty at the Churchill Street Recreation Center at 9:05 am on Monday, November 20, 2017 with the following members present:   Michael Daugherty (Permit Holder), Val Hirsch (Asst Permit Holder, Social Chair), Carrie Crowell (Charities, Photography), Judy Stafford (Recording Secretary), Jim Boylan (Treasurer), Dennis Gaucher (Technology Chair), Debbie Ekback (Member Services), Alexis London (Executive Golf), Liz Helsel (9 and Dine Golf), Barb Burgio (18-Hole Golf), and Tony Carvalho (Member-at-Large). 

Absent: Del Walters (Representing Seasonal Members) and Lou Ann Divens (Sunshine)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.       

Michael announced that the following dates have been confirmed with Seabreeze Rec. Center:

Random New Member Drawing - April 7, 2018 at 9:30 am

Member Orientation - May 5, 2018, 1:30-3:30 pm. 

Treasurer - Balance in treasury at end of October was $11,873.53. Jim submitted a copy of audit report completed by Pam Schau on July 27, 2017, which is to be included with the minutes.   She suggested an audit should be performed annually covering the fiscal year.  She also suggested monthly, or at least quarterly, financial status reports should be presented to Executive board for review and discussion.  Jim will see that this is implemented. 

Executive Golf – Different changes to the signup spreadsheet were discussed to help even out the playing field and it was decided to leave the spreadsheet as is.

Nine and Dine Golf – Liz reported a good outing at Orange Blossom Country Club.  We will be playing again on December 6.  She is only scheduling one outing a month right now.  Palmer, Lopez, Evans Prairie, and Orange Blossom are the only venues participating until May, but it looks as though we will have 10 courses next summer. 


Holiday Dinner Dance

1) The table for food pantry will be in the lobby.  This way members won’t have to come into main room to put their food donations down.  Carrie will make a food pantry poster to put on an easel by table and members will be informed of this change in the email that goes out to membership for meeting.   

2) Val made a motion, seconded by Dennis that the Club’s ½ share of the 50-50 raffle money for November meeting be split between the Soup Kitchen and the Food Pantry.  Motion passed unanimously.  

3)  Michael will introduce Steering Committee at Holiday Dinner Dance and have them come up front. 

4)  219 members have signed up so far.  We can get 225 in the room with a medium-size dance floor. 

     Val will add the people currently on the waitlist and Dennis will invoice them. 

5)  Kathy Bredesen and Diane Gebhardt have agreed to be Val’s social co-coordinators.     

6)  Cost of Holiday Dinner Dance was discussed.  Members will be charged $20 ($10 of which they will get back if they attend.)

Val announced that Social events are planned out through February.  Barb Rehkemper

is chairing April and Peter Kierpiec is chairing May. 

Charity/Photography – Carrie has photos from the Himalayan putting outing and the Pro-Am which will be added to website.  She needs help with photography and delivering food to Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen.  She will include this in her email to members. 

Membership – Deb had nothing new.

Technology Chair – Dennis is still working on developing form to send out to members for them to complete when renewing their dues for the upcoming year.  In late January or early February new member applications will open up and then will close in late March.  Starting with the November Holiday Dinner/Dance, wrist bands will be issued for entrance into the meeting hall.  It is the intent that in the future, every time money is involved in a monthly meeting activity, wristbands will be issued. 

Dennis is desperately looking for people to help with modernization of the SGV website.  We currently are restricted to 10 pages.  Anyone interested should contact Dennis Gaucher at

18-Hole Championship Golf – Barb advised that she has run across handicap issues in working on venues while trying to keep teams even but has been working through them.  Bob Williams has been very helpful in her transition.  Venues are set through January.  Barb would like to find one more coordinator so that they only have to coordinate every other month.  Debbie suggested we add more 18-hole golf activities (off-site or priority).  Debbie and Barb will look into this. 

Val suggested that a letter go out to the membership letting them know areas where we need help, asking for volunteers:  (i.e. Technology, Exec Golf coordinators, 18-Hole golf coordinators, photography/charity).  Carrie and Barb will work on this. 

Member-at-Large – Tony advised that Churchill Green Golf Course is now open.  He suggested we emphasize pace of play to members and try to set examples ourselves.  Also, we need to make sure members repair the course if they make or see a divot. 

Liz suggested we have a get together for just golf coordinators (Exec, 18-Hole, Nine & Dine)…perhaps a potluck.  Liz and Alexis will work on this. 

The next meeting will be on Monday, January 15, 2018 at 9:00 am at Churchill Street Recreational Center. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am. 

Respectfully submitted,


Judy Stafford, Recording Secretary

Approved:  ____________________________

                   Michael Daugherty, Permit Holder




September 18, 2017


The regular meeting of the SGV Steering Committee was called to order by Permit Holder Michael Daugherty at the Churchill Street Recreation Center at 9:03 am on Monday, September 18, 2017 with the following members present:   Michael Daugherty (Permit Holder), Val Hirsch (Asst Permit Holder, Social Chair), Carrie Crowell (Charities, Photography), Judy Stafford (Recording Secretary), Jim Boylan (Treasurer), Dennis Gaucher (Technology Chair), Bob Williams (18-Hole Golf),  Liz Helsel (9 and Dine Golf), Tony Carvalho (Member at Large), Alexis London (Executive Golf), and Debbie Ekback (Member Services).

Absent: Del Walters (Representing Seasonal Members) and Lou Ann Divens (Sunshine)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Social – Val announced that monthly dining out socials will resume in October.  September’s and October’s Monthly Meeting are all organized.  Golf Pro Am has been delayed to November. 

Treasurer – Jim Boylan said that as of the end of August there was $9400 in the bank.  Balance now is up to around $12,000.  He has a copy of last year’s audit and will bring it to the next meeting to be included in the minutes. 

18-Hole Golf – Bob Williams advised that it was a rough summer due to weather cancellations.  Fall Schedule is in place.  He announced that he would be stepping down effective November 1.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Val, that Barb Burgio be appointed the 18-Hole Golf Coordinator.  Motion passed unanimously.

Member-At-Large - Tony advised that there was an incident at Gator’s Dockside in Spanish Springs at an after golf social.  We should reiterate to the membership that we have limited places for socials and thus our members  need to have patience with the help staff at our after golf socials. 

Tony also stated that the Championship golf courses have excess water and soggy ground due to Hurricane Irma.  Excess sprinkler watering is taking place to dissipate the water.  The maintenance people for the golf courses have been pulled away to help with community needs.  Some Executive golf courses are experiencing sinkholes.  There are lots of security issues on the golf courses, thus they are closed and may not open until at least September 24th, but this is not official. 

Golf postponed due to Hurricane Irma - It was decided SGV would not schedule Exec. Golf until at least Oct 10.  Nine and Dine has been cancelled for remainder of September and winter schedule is uncertain at the moment.   October Twilight golf may be extended by The Villages through the end of October starting at 4pm. 

Charity/Photography – Carrie advised that new golf photos are on the website.  She will contact the Food Pantry to see if they have special needs.  Members may write checks to the Food Pantry or Wildwood Kitchen and give to Carrie instead of or in addition to making food contributions if they so desire. 

Executive Golf – Alexis let everyone know that since golf is cancelled due to hurricane, uncollected money envelopes for past winners will be held an extra month.

Technology Chair – Dennis will create a form to go out to membership with the 2018-19 dues notification that will require certain fields to be completed by members.  This should alleviate some of the problems with bad information on spreadsheets.    

New Code of Conduct as well as Rules of Reasonable Accommodation should be sent out twice a year.  This will be done by Alexis. 

Michael informed the Steering Committee that the Club’s requests for meeting rooms have been approved for next year.  Monthly meetings will be at SeaBreeze Regional Recreational Center on the last Thursday of each month with the exception of April {Senior Game) which will be on Saturday April 28.  Steering Committee meetings will be held at Churchill Street Village Recreation Center on the 3rd Monday of every odd month from 9:00-11:30.  Membership Lottery Meeting will be Saturday April 7, 2018 with New Member Orientation on April 21, 2018 at SeaBreeze (will try to change this to May 5). 

Next meeting will be at 9:00 am on Monday, November 20, 2017 at the Churchill Street Recreation Center. 

Respectfully submitted,


/s/ Judy Stafford_____________________________

Judy Stafford, Recording Secretary

Approved:  /s/ Michael Daugherty_________________________

                   Michael Daugherty, Permit Holder



MEMBERS – DUES 10500 $10,937.95
50/50 RAFFLES 1750 $1,342.00
GUEST FEES 200 $0.00
FEES FROM MEMBERS @   $6,922.08
GOLF LESSONS $6,323.90
DINNER @ALFIE $1,236.40
DINNER @Demshar’s $636.10
Refund Mystery Theater $1,699.00
TOTAL INCOME $12,675.00 $28,518.33
BADGES 350 $247.60
SEC.SUPPLIES 1000 $352.45
              ENTERTAINMENT 4000 $4,735.09
              FOOD 3000 $5,562.80
             DECORATIONS 3000 $807.89
GOLF LESSONS $3,840.00
DINNER @ALFIE $1,236.40
Dinner @ Demshar’s $612.00
TOTAL EXPENSES 11830 $18,004.23
BALANCE $10,514.10
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