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Michael Daugherty

Permit Holder
Pat Duffey
Social Director
Debbie Ekback
Member Services (Outgoing)
Michael Daugherty
Webmaster (Temporary)
Judy Stafford

Recording Secretary

Jim Boylan


Tom Boylan


Lou Ann Divens


Alexis London

Executive Golf Director


Barb Burgio 
18-Hole Championship Golf Dir.

Liz Helsel
Nine & Dine Golf Director

Judy Grande
Member Services (Incoming)




Welcome to the Single Golfers of The Villages (SGV) Club. The SGV Club is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds who live in The Villages and have two things in common -- first they are single and second they love to play golf and socialize.  If you are not already a member, we hope the information provided will assist you in making the decision to join this fun, lively, and friendly organization.  Please peruse the entire web site to learn about the SGV Club golfing activities, monthly meetings, and social events, and how to join and participate. 

The SGV Steering Committee and all Coordinators are volunteers. We all enjoy what we do for this wonderful organization.  But we cannot do everything on our own. You will have numerous opportunities to help make events the best they can be.  So don’t be shy; step up and raise your hand to volunteer! 

Check out the tabs for our RESULTS/“HALL OF FAME”, TEE TIMES and PHOTOS of Club members and events.  Also, note that the official Bylaws of the SGV Club are available at the end of this page. 

Please note, that if you are not currently a member, you may join us for one golf, social, or meeting event.  After which you must be a paid member to continue to participate in SGV Club events. 

We hope you can easily navigate this web site to get an appreciation for the events that the SGV Club sponsors.  To assist you in signing up for these events, below is an explanation of how to register for the various events.  We sincerely hope that our members will join in the fun as often as possible.


The SGV Club Steering Committee




Calendar & Google Document Spreadsheets

The “Calendar” on this web site displays all upcoming SGV Club events.  Just click on the date about which you would like to know more, and a pop-up window will appear with event information.  At the bottom of that pop-up window will be a web address link:  “http………….”  Click on that link, and after a few seconds, you will be redirected to the registration Google spreadsheet for the event. 

Some registration Google spreadsheets will be specific to a single event date; while others will include multiple dates for which members can register for that type of event.  Once you have been redirected to a spreadsheet, to register follow these instructions: 

       Scroll down to your name on the spreadsheet, or if you are a new member, to the first blank line at the end of the list if your name is not yet on the spreadsheet.  It normally takes one or two registrations for your name to appear alphabetically in the spreadsheet member list.

       Position your cursor in the left most data field/column.  When you see the cursor on your name or the blank line, you are ready to begin entering data.  If you are on a blank line, enter your name and using the “tab” key, enter other required information, such as your Golf ID number, email address, etc.  Be careful NOT TO ALTER DATA on any line except the line for yourself.  Continue doing this until all appropriate fields/columns for your name line are completed.  When you have made the last data entry, press the “tab” key again and you are done.

        In the event you notice an error in one of the data fields, position the cursor in that field, and then re-enter the correct information.  This will replace all prior data in that field.  Press the tab key again. 

       Once you are finished, and you “tab out of the last field entered”, exit the spreadsheet by using the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the spreadsheet web site. 

If you have a problem with the registration process, send an email to the Event Coordinator explaining your problem.  They will get back to you and provide assistance.  

Email Communications

In addition to the Calendar, members will receive Club communications via email messages about golf and other social activities.  These messages provide event-specific information and normally will also include the event registration link.  All emails will be from the SGVClub domain, such as "".

To assure that you receive Club messages, be certain your SPAM filters are set to allow messages to be delivered to your inboxes from “”.



Single Golfers of The Villages Bylaws
Adopted February 24, 2012 

Article I -- Name and Purpose 

 1.  The name of the group shall be known as Single Golfers of The Villages. 

       2.  The mission of the group is to provide a venue for single golfers who are residents of The Villages to meet one another and participate collectively in a variety of recreational activities.

Article II -- Membership

       3.  Membership in the group is limited to residents of The Villages, FL who have a valid Villages ID, whether permanent or renting.

       4.  Membership is limited to The Villages residents who are single. Members who marry must leave the club at the end of their dues period. 

       5.  The group is part of The Villages Resident Council Groups with permit #41525 and as such will abide by Resident Council rules in accordance with the permit.     

Article III – Governance

Permit Holder/Steering Committee

6.  The group is officially governed by the Permit Holder who has the obligation with The Villages.  In a more practical sense, governing is delegated to a Steering Committee with a minimum of five members and a maximum of fifteen members.

The Permit Holder position shall be a 2-year appointment with the option of a second 2-year appointment.  The Permit Holder will automatically be on the Steering Committee, understanding that the Permit Holder can change over the years by simply providing the proper paperwork signed by the present Permit Holder and submitted to the CDD Recreation Department. This change will require approval of the Steering Committee by two-thirds affirmative vote.

The Permit Holder shall appoint a nominating committee in October from the present Steering Committee which shall select a Steering Committee by the end of December for the following year.

A minimum of two thirds of the Steering Committee shall be full-time residents of The Villages. It should be the goal of the nominating committee to have at least one part-time resident on the Steering Committee.   

Executive Committee

      7.  For the purpose of making quick decisions, five members of the Steering Committee shall be appointed to an Executive Committee consisting of the Permit Holder and four members of the Steering Committee appointed by the Permit Holder. Decisions of the Executive Committee are limited to items which need an instant decision and can be later amended when the full Steering Committee meets.

Article IV -- Member Policy/Dues

      8.  Member Policy.  Prospective members shall complete an application prior to membership acceptance. A member of the Steering Committee will verify the application and the prospective member’s Village ID. A member is defined as anyone who has paid dues for the current fiscal year.

      9. Membership renewal dues will be collected electronically via PayPal between January 1 and the end of February.  If a member's dues are not paid by the end of February, that member will no longer be a member as of April 1.  New member applications will be open from January 1 thru end of February.  Lottery draw, if needed, will be held in March with orientation meeting held in late March.  New member dues will include a fee for member badge and will be due within 10 days of being invoiced.  A new member may begin participating in Club activities on April 1.   

      10.  Dues will be set by the Steering Committee in October for the following fiscal year.

 Article V -- Guest Policy

      11.  At Monthly Meetings/Mixers 

            a.  Guests may be allowed to attend a monthly meeting/mixer at the discretion of the Social Chairperson and will be assessed a guest fee.  

      12.  At other Events

            a.  Members may bring “out-of-town guests”, defined as anyone with a valid Villages guest ID, to non meeting/mixer activities, including children, parents, or friends, regardless of age or marital status (understanding that guests observe The Villages annual limitation rules for visiting frequency). 

             b.  Members may bring a single guest (one person) who is a non-Villages resident as often as they like to activities that do not require a guest ID (e.g. no for a Rec. Center, but yes for a restaurant or movie, etc.). 

            c.  Members may bring guests who reside in The Villages and are single as prospects to apply for membership during the next open enrollment a maximum of one time per activity. It would be expected that the guest would join or not participate after that.

            d.  Members may not bring guests who are Villages residents but not single. 

            e.  Members may bring a non-member guest who is a Villages resident if requested by the event organizer to fill an empty slot necessary for an activity when a member is not available. Examples of which are an opening for a fourth for golf, pinochle, bridge, Mah Jong or other events requiring a set number of players.  

            f.  Members playing in a golf event may request an out-of-town guest, with a valid Villages guest ID, fill an empty tee time slot when no member is available for the foursome.  If the guest plays in more than four golf events in one year, the guest may be charged a guest fee. 

Article VI -- Standing Committees

      Dinner Committee – shall have responsibility for when and where dinners are held and dinner reservation policies.

      Activities Chairpersons – each shall have responsibility for organizing specific activities and club meetings.

      Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer – shall have responsibility for collecting and accounting for money, writing checks. This committee may add people to spread the workload if desired, or be split into multiple committees at the request of the Steering Committee.

      Member Services – shall have responsibility for maintaining all club member records, recording all dues payments, ordering new member identification badges, and checking in members at all club meetings. 

Article VII -- All Other

      13.  Any items not addressed in these bylaws shall be decided by the Steering Committee.

      14.  a.  Any member in good standing may submit a suggested bylaw amendment or revision to the Steering Committee for consideration.

            b.   It shall be the right of the Steering Committee to accept and/or reject any member, new or renewal.  The Steering Committee shall decide by a simple majority vote, and shall not be held responsible for any explanation of its action.

      15.  Privacy:  The web site shall not list members’ personal information or demographic information and the club shall not sell or distribute any demographic information about members.

These bylaws were amended and approved January 2018, by the Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee consists of:

Michael (Permit Holder) 
Pat Duffey (Social Director)
Judy Stafford (Secretary)
Jim Boylan (Treasurer)
VACANT (Webmaster)
Debbie Ekback (Member Services Director)
Tom Boylan (Charities)
  Lou Ann Divens (Sunshine Chair)
Alexis London (Executive Golf Director)
Barb Burgio (18-Hole Championship Golf Director)
Liz Helsel (Nine & Dine Golf Director)

Current Executive Committee:

Michael Daugherty
Debbie Ekback
Barb Burgio
Judy Stafford
Pat Duffey

For questions please email: 

Michael Daugherty at

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